I`ve recently been seeing a lot of bullet journaling videos on YouTube, and have been quite impressed with the idea. So I’ve decided to go on and try it, because it`s kind of cute.

So all you need to start is a notebook and a pen. Literally just that much. I think it would be more comfortable to use a dotted notebook but since I don’t have one, I’m starting with a lined notebook.

The Cover:

For my journal I’m using a notebook that I had decorated some time ago. It`s covered with scraps of paper from a novel that I made into a book safe.


The Content:

I`ve started off with the basic journal format that the original bullet journal blog provides. Go to http://www.bulletjournal.com and find out more about that.

The Décor:

This is the fun part about being organized. You can go crazy over decorating your journals and planners. If you`re a student like me, you might want to mark your tests and assignments in different colors/ fonts. Make yourself a more extensive key if you`re seriously getting into bullet journaling. And for some designs that you can use in your journal, check out my pinterest board titled bullet journal. Be sure to follow me while you`re on there!My Bullet Journal Board

I`ll be posting updates and designs as I continue bullet journaling throughout the year. So stay tuned!

So, get inspired, get organized!